Cancer in and of itself is tragic. But it’s even worse when people who learn that they have cancer become so frightened that they go to chemotherapy without delay. Most of the time, cancer scares people so badly, that they don’t give themselves time to find out the truth about their treatment option.

Chemotherapy kills cancer cells because it is poison. Think about that. Yes, certainly it kills cancerous cells. Now think about what it is doing to your healthy cells.

This is the logic behind chemotherapy: Doctors give you the treatment in an effort to kill off all the cancer cells before the chemo can cause fatal, irreparable damage to your body.

When chemo turns out to be unsuccessful, it’s because your body is dying more rapidly from the poison than the cancerous cells are. This is why people lose their hair, get violently ill, vomit, and feel as though they are dying; because they are.

However, natural treatments can be extremely effective against cancer without trying to kill your body in the meantime. Specialists of natural medicine won’t ever give you treatments that will damage your vital organs and make you sick the way chemotherapy will. It damages your kidneys, heart, and liver.

Here is the real truth: Chemotherapy is not always necessary. You should educate yourself on your options before making any treatment choices. Find out the truth about chemo and natural treatments.

Be sure to talk to someone who has gone through chemotherapy for their cancer. Talk to somebody who has successfully used natural cancer treatments. And most importantly, don’t limit yourself to the one option of chemotherapy just because your doctor tells you so. Get a second, third, fourth, or twelfth opinion.

Keep seeking until you find the truth, and find what will work best to keep you healthy.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

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